"To give real service you must add something which can not be bought or measured with money, and that's sincerity and integrity." - Douglas Adams

Family Friendly Waiting Area

Our clean "kid-friendly" waiting area is perfect to wait for your ride or while your car is being serviced.  We offer coffee, tea, water as well as cable tv.  (not to mention a friendly staff to keep you company) 

Early / Night Drop Off

As much as we'd love to visit with you when you drop your car off we know that's not always the case.  Our secure lock box located by the front door is there for you to drop your keys off before or after hours.  Feel free to save a tree (*and time) and check in online!

Local Train Station Pick up and Drop off

Berkeley Heights, Millington, and Gillette train station commuter- no problem!  Drop off your spare key or let us know where to find it and we can pick up your car, service it, and bring it back before you return.  


Who doesn't love free WI-FI!!!  

Need a ride

No ride?  No problem! We can call you a ride or take you where you need to go.